Practice makes Perfect


I love doing commercial work, including my videos for Look Fabulous Forever, but the part of my job I enjoy the most is giving makeup lessons.  These are two hour sessions, usually at my house but occasionally at the home of the Client.  We go through her makeup bag and either approve or remove the contents, which are very often ancient!  We talk about skincare and establish what her style “comfort zone” is, then we get down to work.


I will advise on the most appropriate products for the Clients’ skin type and colouring, then apply makeup to half of her face, explaining what I’m doing as we go along, and giving lots of professional tips, then I will coach her as she completes the makeup on the other half of her face. I have yet to teach a Client who has walked away from a lesson not having done a pretty good job (sometimes after a few false starts).  All products and tools are listed and an application guide is provided using a face chart to show where and how everything goes.


Just like any other skill, makeup application takes practice to perfect and the more you practice your new look, the better.  Remember, I am always happy to reply to an email or question over the phone if you have one.


I get a huge amount of satisfaction from the lessons I give and I love seeing the look on Clients’ faces when they see how amazing they can look with the right makeup!


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